Starting the Journey

There’s nothing quite like an inaugural blog post.


It marks the beginning of a journey. It is simultaneously exhilarating and intimidating. Forward lies a blank canvas, waiting for that first brush stroke of color to bring it to life. But forward also brings the possibility of failure, of expectations not met, of a quest abandoned. It is with many of these same feelings that the commitment of owning and training a pet are frequently tangled.

At first, when you look into your dogs eyes, you see a brilliant future of all that could be. You see an opportunity to develop not just your companions behavior, but also your own. Then, eventually the honeymoon phase wears off. Your perseverance dwindles. You catch your furry friend chewing on the leg of the couch for the fifth time that day. You’ve fetched your third roll of paper towels to sop up the mess that once again didn’t quite make it out the door. As your thoughts drift while you gather threads of carpet unwoven at the mouth of your pup, you find yourself asking, ‘Maybe I wasn’t quite ready for this journey just yet.’


As with all new beginnings, there is never a short supply of trials to endure once you have brought a dog into your life. The adjustment period can be swift or linger on for what feels like forever. But, as time passes, you slowly begin to build a foundation with your pet, learning every delightful aspect of their personality, just as they begin to learn yours.

It is those moments for which we press on- the knowledge that the reward is much greater than the shenanigans our animals sometimes never cease to conjure up. It is with this same confidence in the reward of the future which this blog begins. And it wouldn’t be complete without my lovable English Mastiff laying at my feet while I type. As she softly snores and chases after the rabbits in her dreams (in the lazy way that Mastiffs participate in all physical activity, dream or not), I dwell on the person I have become because of her presence in my life. She has taught me more than any mentor or teacher could.

Had she not entered my life, I never would have signed up for that pet training class so many years ago- a class that sparked a passion and aptitude in me I had never been aware of before. I would not have become a pet trainer, and in consequence, would not have created the treat pouches I now make and sell. It seemed only right to label my shop after the one that started it all. Without Ellie, Ellie’s Nook would never have been created.


I create this blog as a medium through which to share some of the invaluable knowledge that Ellie has been kind enough to impart upon me. It was not without great dedication that she and I forged a bond that cannot now be broken. It is this bond which I desire more than anything for other pet owners to achieve. The moment you realize that you’ve not been training your dog but it has, in fact, been training you, marks a paradigm shift for your world.

I hope to share some of the lessons that Ellie has taught me over the years. The beginning of every journey always starts with the first step. And, as I prepare the leave the footprint in the ground as I close this first post, I smile as I realize that all I’m doing is following in the pawprints of one much wiser than I.




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