What Makes a Great Treat Pouch?

It’s Just a Treat Pouch. (Or is It?)

It wasn’t long after I first started working as a pet trainer years ago that I immediately noticed the lack of diversity in training pouch options. Virtually every pouch sold commercially was nearly identical- floppy bags with a chunky draw-string strap. Besides from the obvious issues of usability, they all looked the same- boring and bland.

Unwilling to settle for a mediocre pouch that would hinder rather than help my training routine, I created the beta version of what would ultimately become the featured item on my Etsy shop. While it was a crude model, it served me well for over a year. It was only at the point my students started commenting on it that I realized I wasn’t the only one wanting something different, something better.


There are just about as many options out there for training accessories as there are training techniques. Sometimes it can be confusing to understand what sets one apart from another (and sometimes the answer is nothing at all). In order to help my clients understand why it is that the treat pouches from Ellie’s Nook are so effective, I created this short video. It outlines the core principals that make our pouches functional.

Check out this video for a little insight into what sets us apart from other options out there, and why you should consider making the switch to a pouch from Ellie’s Nook today.


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